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Do Youth Programs Really Work?

Monday, June 19th, 2017
Youth Programs

Youth programs are an effective means of guiding children into better habits and lifestyle choices.

There is some debate over the effectiveness of youth programs that has led some to wonder whether or not they’re a viable option in curbing poverty and violence in low-income communities. The good news is that most research indicates that young people who are around opportunities for positive encounters engage in far less violence or risky behavior and ultimately have better transitions into adulthood. Youth programs are intended to engage young people in productive and constructive ways that will help better them and their communities, but how well do they really work?


Start Planning Now to Engage Your Baltimore School This Fall

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
Does your student need volunteer hours or service experience for the upcoming school year? Contact us now!

Does your student need volunteer hours or service experience for the upcoming school year? Contact us now so we can assist with this valuable experience.

Summer isn’t over yet, but before we know it the kids will be gearing up to start another academic school year. For many parents who struggle to feed their children, going back to school is a welcomed transition. In the meantime, if you are wondering how your student can spend these last few weeks of summer in a productive way, we have an idea! Let’s talk about why August is the perfect month to start planning to engage your Baltimore school. (more…)

Rise Up! A Baltimore Homeless Teen Gets National Recognition

Thursday, July 28th, 2016
Homeless Baltimore teen Jayna Brown sings "Rise Up" on America's Got Talent and receives an amazing response.

Homeless Baltimore teen Jayna Brown sang “Rise Up” on America’s Got Talent and received an amazing response.

At My Brother’s Keeper, we do our best to stress the importance of youth programs and community support. Inspiring young people to follow their dreams and take an active role in their futures – regardless of their own conditions of poverty, education, and lifestyle – can change the world and improve the quality of life for generations to come. Let’s discuss why a Baltimore homeless teen is receiving national recognition and praise from the public. (more…)

3 Great Reasons to Volunteer in Baltimore this Summer

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
volunteer in baltimore

Volunteering helps you engage with your community socially while making a positive impact. Get out there and give it a try!

Summertime is in full swing, and while many people are spending their spare time soaking up the sun, some others are seizing the opportunity to give back to the city – and so should you! Yes, we are talking volunteering. Let us shed some light on a few great reasons you should volunteer in Baltimore this summer. Spoiler alert: You’re making a positive impact. (more…)

Baltimore Youth Programs with My Brother’s Keeper

Friday, April 1st, 2016
MBK Youth Programs

Baltimore youth programs encourage the young people in our community to strive for success and achieve their goals.

Encouraging young people in a positive way is an incredibly important factor in educational, personal, and community growth. At My Brother’s Keeper, we offer Baltimore youth programs (focused on ages 11 to 19) that are designed to encourage young people to become active participants in their own lives and accomplish their goals, despite hindering social and economical circumstances. Let us elaborate on the mission of these programs and how we encourage young people in Baltimore. (more…)

Who Benefits from Youth Programs?

Friday, July 17th, 2015

MBK Youth ProgramsWhen you mention youth programs, many will instantly think that only those involved in the program directly will benefit. The girls and boys who are able to participate in youth programs will benefit from the experience, but many fail to realize that others will benefit from the youth programs as well. Youth programs can also work to help benefit the families of those involved as well as the communities in which the youth programs are provided.

So how do these youth programs benefit children, families, and communities?


Do We need Youth Programs?

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Youth-ProgramsIt is often said that our children are the future. The youth that we are raising today will help shape the world that we live in tomorrow. However, in some areas throughout the nation, and even right here in our own backyards, the youth are being overlooked and neglected. At My Brother’s Keeper, we strive to help the youth within the 21229 communities through youth programs to help create a better today and tomorrow. While some might not believe youth programs are beneficial, these programs are known to help children in several different ways.


Youth Programs with My Brother’s Keeper

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

MBK Youth Programs

At My Brother’s Keeper, we truly believe our children are the future, especially in the 21229 communities. From time to time we offer specific programs that are directed towards the youth. These programs are designed to target age groups ranging from eleven – nineteen to help the development of the neighborhood youth. Youth programs hold several benefits for the youth of the 21229 communities that are consistent with these goals:

  1. Youths will learn how to better interact with their peers through our youth programs. Youths will be able to learn social skills that will allow them to build relationships as they grow older. This can include family relationships, romantic relationships, and work relationships.
  2. Youths involved in our programs are more likely to perform better within a school setting along with behaving better at home.
  3. Youths will gain a better sense of self along with an improvement in self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Programs will give youths the tools they need to make healthier and more positive decisions in their life.
  5. Youth programs also support an overall healthier, more active lifestyle.

My Brother’s Keeper is as strong as our support. Our youth programs are based on community need as well as the grants available to us at the time. As our staff continues to work towards helping the community, outside help by way of donations and volunteers are always welcome! Become a part of something great and help make MBK where hope finds a home.

To learn more about how to help, or to find out more about our services including youth programs, call MBK today at 410-644-3194.

You can also follow our official MBK page on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, to stay up to date on our center’s progress and upcoming events in the community.




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