Taking a Look at Tech Innovations That Are Tackling World Hunger


World hunger has long been a difficult task to tackle but there are some tech experts out there helping solve the problem.

World hunger has always been a difficult subject to tackle–some falsely believe that hunger only impacts those overseas, when the reality is that we still have very serious problems with hunger facing cities across America. Mobilizing to take on world hunger has proven to be an incredibly difficult task, but there are those out there seeking to make it easier and more streamlined. These big tech innovations are helping us combat world hunger and keep people fed.

Projecting Food Security

Thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to better predict what the globe will look like years from now. Take a look at the UN’s food insecurity and climate change vulnerability map, which examines how climate change may impact increased hunger and how we can take action. It’s important to work with the relation between what we do today and how it will impact hunger in the future, so for policy makers and those involved with their local politics, this can be a hugely important tool in determining how we approach climate change.


Some countries, like Jordan, allow Syrian refugees to shop for food in their local markets with electronic food cards, also known as e-cards. E-cards are meant to replace traditional methods of food welfare like food stamps. E-cards are delivered and redeemed using existing cell phone technology and helps those in need purchase fruits, vegetables, and grains. It also keeps track of every transaction which can help with food distribution and storage.

SAFE Stoves

The UN’s recommendations on Safe Access to Firewood and alternative Energy in Humanitarian Settings (SAFE) has inspired some to rethink the way we think about cooking mechanisms. In some countries, such as Sudan, Uganda, and Sri Lanka, women have historically used firewood to cook within their homes. SAFE stoves are intended to cut down on violence against women who would otherwise have to travel long distances to collect firewood. They’re also much more efficient than typical firewood burning mechanisms. Lastly, they cut down on smoke and indoor pollution, creating a healthier living space for anyone who uses a SAFE stove.

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