Tips for Writing a Resume


Crafting the perfect resume could give you the edge you need to get a new job.

We realize how important a resume is in this day and age. More often than not, it’s an employer’s first impression of you and can make or break their decision to hire you. If you haven’t had very much work experience or are simply worried that your resume isn’t up to snuff, we’re here to help. Searching for meaningful employment is difficult enough, but if you’re willing to take the steps to get the right resume, you may just find the job you’re looking for.

Use Logical Formatting

When you want an employer to read your entire resume, you really need to do the work for them. It should be written in a way that’s easy to skim over. This means that you need clear and obvious headings that lead the eye to whatever information it’s looking for. Bullet points are a great way to call attention to the most important aspects of your resume as well.

Focus on Accomplishments

A description of previous positions held is necessary of course, you’ll want to clearly explain what your responsibilities were. More important than that though, and what should take up the bulk of each job position’s subtext, is the accomplishments you achieved while at that position. Think of the things you’ve done that are above and beyond and really set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Craft Your Resume With the Job in Mind

You should be making some changes to your resume depending on what the position you’re applying for or even having different resumes for different industries. If you’ve had retail experience in the past and you’re applying for a retail position, you may want to focus more on those job descriptions and achievements, whereas if you’re applying for a food industry job, other experience may be more relevant.

Keep it Basic

Unless you’re applying for a graphic design position, you likely want to keep your resume simple. Don’t go overboard with fonts, italics, or bolding, as it can end up distracting from the meat of your resume. You should focus on all the essential information and your contact info should be clearly outlined so potential employers can get in touch with you easily.


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