Tips for Keeping School Attendance Up and Your Child Healthy: Part 1

School Attendance

Staying healthy is always important but especially so when it can impact school attendance.

Winter brings along a few great things: you can be bundled up with your family for the holidays, exchanging gifts and laughter, and for a lot of people it’s truly a magical time. That being said, there’s a reason winter can be difficult for parents in particular. Winter brings along with it coughs, sneezes, sniffles, and trips to the doctor—all of which keep their child out of classes and brings down their overall school attendance, which can have a huge impact on their academic performance. Let’s take a look at some tips from us here at My Brother’s Keeper for staying healthy and keeping school attendance in mind this winter.

Keeping Hands Clean

It may seem ever so simple, but washing hands regularly can be a huge deterrent for sickness. Some children just don’t wash their hands for long enough or properly, so be sure you teach your children to always use soap and wash their hands completely after using the restroom, before or after meals and snacks, and as soon as they come home from school or a friend’s house.

In addition, it’s good that you make sure your hands are clean as well. It’s easy to forget when you’re dealing with the multitudes of stressors that come with parenting and you may overlook washing your hands off after wiping down a runny nose, but your hygiene impacts your child. If school attendance is a real concern for your child, you’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning your own hands. Be sure that any babysitters are also keeping clean!

Avoiding Touching Eyes or Nose

We’ve already established the importance of hand washing, but the reality is that we can’t keep our hands clean 24/7. For those times in between washing our hands, when there may be bacteria and germs covering our skin, it’s important that a child doesn’t touch their nose or eyes. Instead of using hands, knowing how to use a tissue—or even your sleeve if you’re in dire need—can be a great preventative measure.

Getting Enough Rest

Your child’s immune system is still developing. When it comes to school attendance, getting enough rest is important anyway—if a child is unrested, they won’t be able to perform well in their classes. Proper sleep also has a huge impact on a child’s immune system though. Proper sleep can help get that immune system ready for whatever this winter has to throw at it.

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