What Should You Ask During Parent-Teacher Conferences?


Parents have to be active participants in their children’s education and that includes attending parent-teacher conferences.

As we’re getting back into the full swing of school and most kids are really getting into their second semester, it’s time to start thinking about academic performance. You may have already set up meetings with your child’s educators, or are thinking about doing so, or the school might have a conference system in place—no matter what the case is, you want to arm yourself with the right questions. Parents are an essential part of their child’s academic success so it’s imperative that you enter the conversation prepared.

How is my child doing socially?

As important as academics are, school is important for more reasons than that. It’s also an opportunity to engage with others socially, so it’s important that you check in on their progress socially as well. These are the formative years of a child’s life where they learn social norms and make lasting friends, so be sure to ask if there’s anything to be concerned about regarding your child’s social life.

What goals can we set?

Teachers come up with their own goals for students a lot of the time but it’s always nice to be brought on board with that plan and help hash out the details. If your child’s educator doesn’t have specific goals, it might be a good time to set some. If there’s a certain area they aren’t doing well in, set benchmarks for grades. Keep these achievable and realistic and they can really help your child feel motivated.

What else can I do?

Sometimes parenting is pretty exhausting. It can be easy to feel like you’ve done all you can to help improve your child’s life, even academically. Perhaps you sit down with them and read, help them on their projects, and do all you can to make sure they get to school regularly. Still, your child’s educators may have more insight into what else you can do. Don’t let yourself feel exhausted and turn to some experts that may have valuable opinions on what’s going wrong. Sometimes even the most minor adjustment can help your child get back on track with their education.

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