3 Productive Ways Your Kids Can Spend Their Time This Summer


It’s important to make sure kids are engaged and productive even during the summer!

As we come closer to the end of the academic year, parents are already beginning to think about how to keep their children busy this summer. It’s great that kids get a break from their academics and you can have some more quality time spent together, but it’s also important that kids stay busy during the couple of months they have off. Beyond just staying busy, parents strive for their children to grow, learn, and spend their time productively rather than just simply being entertained. If you’re at a loss for some productive activities to keep your kids busy this summer, here are a few suggestions.

1. Hire a Tutor Or Tutor Your Kids Yourself

Some might think it’s unfair to have to continue some level of academic work into the summer, but the truth is, children lose a lot of knowledge during their break from school. Working with a tutor—or a parent who can help brush up on schoolwork—is a fantastic way to retain some knowledge and keep yourself busy. It doesn’t have to be as rigorous as actual school is, but reading or working on problems a few times a week for an hour can have huge, lasting impacts and help children be more prepared for going back to school.

2. Volunteer Work

Parents and children alike can have huge contributions to their community. Many schools already require students to do some kind of volunteer work, so for high schoolers in particular, summer can be a great time to knock that requirement out of the way. Even if it isn’t required, children can learn the value of hard work while meeting some amazing people along the way.

3. Summer Camps

Whether they are part of a larger organization or just a localized summer camp, camps are a great option for many children. It’s a great way to learn new skills and meet friends that can last a lifetime. Plus, they often give children a chance to explore lots of new, fun hobbies, like archery or ceramics, without having to really commit to it if they don’t like it. Half day camps are also an option for parents with limited resources or time.

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