Why Should You Support Local Businesses?

Local Businesses

Engaging with local businesses can help fortify your overall community.

Many people are opting to move away from shopping primarily at large, big-box retailers and are moving to supporting local businesses. Everything from local grocers to artisans can offer you products that you may not have realized are even out there. For those of us in the greater Baltimore area, supporting local businesses is important—it’s an area that needs some particular care in helping boost the local sense of community. Local businesses can sometimes have higher upfront costs but there are a number of reasons to shop locally.

Healthy Eating

Local grocers are more likely to stock fruits and vegetables that are chemical free, as opposed to the way big box stores push processed and frozen foods. Having access to grass-fed meats, local dairy, and very fresh eggs can have huge benefits on your whole family. It’s true that these options will also cost much more than what you may get from a bigger retailer, but it’s important to prioritize and if you have the wiggle room, investing in quality groceries is a great thing to do for you and your family.

Creating a Sense of Community

If you get to actually know the people behind a business, it opens up entirely new doors. If you have an interest in seeing a certain product stocked, you can make the business owner aware, as local businesses tend to be much more accessible. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet more locals and really develop a sense of community. When many people who live in the same area shop at local establishments, it makes those places feel like a cornerstone of the community it is within.

Improved Service

Local businesses have to really fight for their customers much more than big chains that carry national branding with them. As a result, they tend to have much better service and it’s far easier to talk to someone on the phone or even pop by the store and get some help. Dealing with someone you see regularly and knows your personality is far easier than dealing with a large corporation.

Improving the Local Economy

When buying locally, it’s been shown that much more of that money stays within the community. One Chicago study discovered that when you spend $100 at a local business, about $68 of that remains within the city. This is in contrast to chain retailers, where around only $43 stayed in the community. If you want to help develop your area and offer more jobs to those who need them, shopping locally is a great way to do so.

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