5 Reasons Shopping Locally Benefits You

Shopping Locally

Shopping locally doesn’t just benefit your community, it has plenty to offer you as well.

Many people are turning to local shopping in order to boost their community’s economy, but that doesn’t go into some of the nuances of how important supporting local businesses is. Generally speaking, more money is kept within a community if you shop local rather than going somewhere else, but there are a ton of other big benefits to shopping local as well. Today, we want to look at why you may want to consider shopping locally and supporting businesses in your community.

1. Creating Jobs

According to Forbes, small businesses have been responsible for the creation of more than 65% of new jobs available since the 1970s. If you want to directly support the number of jobs in your community, shopping locally is a great way to support that growth. For areas suffering with large rates of unemployment, supporting local is a great way to begin recovery.

2. Better Service

Local businesses are much more likely to be invested in the products and services they are selling. Think about it this way: if an employee at a national chain gives you a bad customer experience, it’s unlikely that that employee’s personal income will suffer in any way and for bigger chains, losing one customer happens regularly. For a local business, keeping even one regular customer around—especially someone active in the community who is likely to tell others—is critical.

3. Quicker Access

Small businesses are also more likely to have small lines to match. This means you can get in and out without having to worry about long, inefficient lines that take you forever and can lead to unwanted stress.

4. Lowered Environmental Impact

Local businesses tend to support other local businesses. That means they purchase locally themselves, reducing how many times a product is transported. This means you are indirectly contributing less to things like pollution and traffic congestion, simply by putting your money back into the community.

5. Putting Taxes to Use

Big companies often get major tax breaks that means money isn’t being put into the community the company benefits from. Small businesses actually generate more tax revenue per sales dollar, but their taxes tend to go towards local endeavors as well, such as schools, roads, and other programs that are meant to help you and everyone else in the community.

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