Trends in Homelessness


Has progress been made over the years on homelessness? Are there more children suffering from homelessness now than a year ago? In the United States, two major departments work to collect data about homelessness across the nation in order to answer these questions. These two departments are the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Using the information collected, we are able to highlight trends occurring in homelessness across the nation. Recently, we have been able to use this data to determine the following trends in homelessness from last year to this year.

  • The amount of individuals sleeping on the streets has declined.
  • The amount of poor individuals living in housing has doubled. This means that while these individuals are living in a home, they are not living independently.
  • It is unclear if the amount of individuals sleeping in shelters and transitional has increased or decreased.

While this collected data is helpful in noticing obvious trends, it is important to remember that this data is subjective. This is because individuals could be counted more than once based on different criteria. Some of the criteria include the following:

  • Individuals that are considered living unsheltered include those living on the streets as well as areas not meant for habitations, which can include abandoned buildings and vehicles.
  • Individuals that are considered living sheltered include those in transitional housing as well as emergency shelters.
  • Individuals living in doubled up scenarios are those that are living in homes where they do not own or lease the home.
  • Individuals living in motels include those living in motels and hotels, even if they are not paying for the room themselves.

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