Is School Attendance Important?


It is no secret that school is important for a child. It is also no secret that in order to learn, a child must be in attendance at the school on a regular basis. While sick days do happen, missing a large amount of time from the classroom could hinder a child’s learning. Not only will their grades drop, other development could become stunted as well.

  • Academic Achievement- The most obvious benefit of school attendance is gaining the education needed to perform well in class. While learning the basics of reading, writing, and mathematical calculating, students also learn how to approach problems and to find solutions. Time spent away from the classroom could cause a serious lack in the ability to problem solve properly.
  • Social Skills- Without proper social skills, making it in the real world can be extremely difficult. Proper school attendance will ensure your child interacts with both students and adults on a regular basis. This constant contact will help build their social skills from an early age that will help take them through the rest of their lives. Without building these skills, working a job could be quite difficult.
  • Building Character- Proper school attendance will ensure that your child is present to attend every lesson, which can focus around character at times. School is a great place where children learn different character traits and figure out which apply to them. Being absent from the classroom could slow your child’s development and harm their sense of self.


At My Brother’s Keeper, we understand how important and essential proper school attendance is to the development of children. We work hard to develop programs that encourage school attendance and education. We also partner with local schools to develop incentive programs for school attendance and good performance in the classroom.

My Brother’s Keeper is as strong as our support. Our programs are based on community need as well as the donations and volunteer services available. As our staff continues to work towards helping the community, outside help by way of donations and volunteers are always welcome! Become a part of something great and help make MBK where hope finds a home.

To learn more about how to help, or to find out more about our services, call MBK today at 410-644-3194.

You can also follow our official MBK page on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, to stay up to date on our center’s progress and upcoming events in the community.



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