Hunger and your Brain

Hunger and Brain

When it comes to dealing with hunger, many people believe that there is no real problem. Hunger is just a feeling we get when we skip breakfast or lunch, but there is never a real threat. Those people would be wrong. Hunger is a local and national problem, with devastating consequences if left unaddressed. Here are some ways that hunger can affect your brain:

  1. Malnutrition will occur when the body is lacking in nutrients gained by eating. When malnutrition occurs, the brain is affected.  This means the chemistry and functionality of your brain is compromised. Because of malnutrition, the following can be negatively affected: sleeping patterns, mood, concentration, motor skills, and memory.
  2. The main area of your brain, known as the hypothalamus, is the area that controls balance within your body. As you consume food, the hypothalamus helps to balance your body. When hunger occurs, this part of your brain is forced to compensate for the lack of nutrition in order to keep your body balanced. Should your hypothalamus become overworked, the balance of your body can be thrown off, affecting your daily functions.
  3. When you feel hungry, your body is producing large amounts of ghrelin. This hormone is released by the brain when there becomes an imbalance of energy. This imbalance of energy can affect your daily functions along with your basic motor and cognitive skills.

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