How to Succeed at a Job Interview

Job-InterviewAt My Brother’s Keeper, we offer help to those looking to enter or reenter the workplace. Whether you are going on your first job interview ever or heading to an interview for the first time in years, we understand that the experience can still be scary and intimidating. This is why MBK offers workshops to help with interview preparation as well as resume writing. Until you begin your workshop, here are some tips on how to succeed at your job interview:

  1. Be Clear- Always speak clearly and at a decent level when answering questions during your interview. Mumbling and whispers will make you seem unprofessional and unsure of yourself. On the other side of the coin, try not to speak too loudly as well. A normal speaking voice is always best during a job interview. You also want to be clear about what you are bringing to the table and what you hope to accomplish should you receive the job.
  2. Be Prepared- You must be prepared in two ways, your appearance and your selling stance. Enter your interview looking professional, avoid jeans and hoodies and have a neat and professional appearance. You also want to bring something to write on like a notepad as well as a pen or pencil just in case you need to write something down. You also want to be prepared to sell your skills and experiences as they relate to the position you are applying for. Selling your skills in this way can help in cases when there isn’t much job experience.
  3. Be Positive- Interviewers tend to check out of a conversation when they tone has turned negative. Instead of complaining about poor experiences, always shine a positive light on things. Instead of saying, “I just can’t find work” try saying “I understand the job market is tough right now, so while looking for work I have done…”
  4. Be Informed- Before you head to your interview, research the company as a whole as well as the position you are applying for. This type of research can help you not only understand how you could fit within the company, but to also understand how to better market yourself during the interview.
  5. Be Prompt- Being on time to your interview is one of the most important things to do on the big day. If possible, try to be about ten minutes early to show your drive and enthusiasm.

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