Food Insecurity and America: What you Should Know

Food-InsecurityRecently, the United States Department of Agriculture released their latest findings and numbers surrounding food insecurity in America. These numbers show us just how food insecurity is impacting our nation. Here are some of the major points made from the “Household Food Security in the United States in 1014.”

  • Children- Of the children in the nation, 20.9% of them live in a household with food insecurity. While this is a reduction from the number last year of 21.4%, it still means that one child out of every five lives in an environment where placing food on the table is a consistent struggle.
  • Americans- The amount of households in America that are suffering from food insecurity has all but remained unchanged since from 2013 to 2014. In 2013, the percentage sat at 14.3 percent while 2014 the number still sits at 14 percent.
  • Those at Risk – Numbers showed that the following were more likely to face food insecurity: households with an income that is below 185% of the poverty line, households with a single parent, households located outside of a metropolitan area, and households of African Americans and Hispanics.
  • Trends- While we are seeing a slight decrease in food insecurity since 2011, there has been no significant change in the percentage. Before the 2008 recession, food insecurity for the nation sat at 11%. Now, we still remain at 14%.
  • States- The states in our nation that are currently suffering the most with food insecurity include Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Texas.
  • Programs- We are still seeing a major gap in participation within the nation’s major nutritional programs, with only 61% of food insecure families enrolled and participating.

Founder and CEO of Share Our Strength Billy Shore had the following to say about the numbers provided, “This underscores the important work happening right now on Capitol Hill, where our lawmakers are working on reauthorizing the laws that govern, among other things, whether or not kids are able to get the nutrition they need over the summer months. With a few adjustments to the existing program, it can work more effectively in more places, ultimately connecting as many as 6.5 million more children to the food they need in the summertime.”

Food Insecurity and My Brother’s Keeper

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